Business loan for founders as installment loan alternative

The desired goal for many people is to become their own boss. Without pressure from a supervisor to make decisions themselves, to be flexible and to transform their own ideas into face value – this idea drives many to start their own business. Whether young people who implement various projects directly after school and study, people who make their hobby into a profession, professionals who want to realize their profession or employees who see start-up as an alternative to unemployment – the prerequisites and motives for founders are extremely diverse. But one thing most founders have in common is an often thin financial ceiling.

If founders need credit in the short term …

If founders need credit in the short term ...

Most founders manage quite well, with equity, start-up loan, through various subsidies for business start-ups or investors to start the business and get it to work. However, at the latest when payments from customers take longer to materialize, orders suddenly break away or unplanned purchases or unexpected payment obligations occur, temporary liquidity bottlenecks can occur.

Often only a few thousand euros are missing for a few days. If, however, it is not possible to bridge such a financial shortfall by providing credit for founders in the short term, it can quickly become critical for entrepreneurs, the self-employed or freelancers.

In this situation, a short-term loan from BankFit may be the optimal solution. BankFit offers flexible loans for start-ups and self-employed people in sizes between 1,000 and 10,000 euros, which provide the desired bridging with particularly short durations of 30 days.

Loans for BankFit founders as an alternative to installment credit

Loans for BankFit founders as an alternative to installment credit

Classic banks and credit institutions are rarely the right contact for short-term bridging loans for founders, because they are often skeptical about self-employed and start-up founders. If it is still difficult to win a start-up loan, banks are usually reserved when it comes to smaller loan amounts during the business. If you actually decide to lend a start-up loan, high interest rates are often charged and long-term installment plans agreed. However, such a lasting bond restricts flexibility and creates long-term dependencies that are counterproductive to the founder’s business decisions. Unlike the BankFit short-term loan for founders. This is an extremely attractive and fair option for securing liquidity in the event of temporary payment bottlenecks.

With just a few steps to a fair credit for founders and self-employed

With just a few steps to a fair credit for founders and self-employed

Founders from a wide range of industries can apply for a short-term credit online here quickly and easily. A start-up loan from BankFit is characterized by particular transparency and flexibility and – due to the digital processing – by low administrative costs during the approval process. If the conditions are met, the borrower can dispose of the loan amount within 3 – 4 working days. Thanks to the paid express option, even the payment of the small loan can be realized within 24 hours.

An easy-to-use loan calculator allows you to enter the desired loan amount. For new customers, this is initially limited to a maximum of 5,000 euros. Now you decide for the intended term of the loan. This can be between 7 and 30 days, as desired. Immediately all cost elements and the complete sum of the loan amount to be repaid are transparent. The displayed prices are final prices. Optionally and for an additional charge, the repayment can even be extended to 60 days or two installments.

Prerequisites and credit criteria for start-up loans at BankFit

Prerequisites and credit criteria for start-up loans at BankFit

Although BankFit dispenses with cumbersome, bureaucratic procedures, certain criteria have to be fulfilled in order to be the founder of a short-term loan from BankFit. The company must have been in existence for at least a year, with sales of at least € 50,000 a year and regular cash flow. The creditworthiness of the company is determined at BankFit according to its own scoring system, whose criteria have been adjusted accordingly due to the low loan amounts and the short term.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups with medium credit ratings also have a real chance of obtaining a short-term loan for short-term liquidity security, for replacement procurement for important tools or for interim financing of goods and orders.

Misty Mora

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